GreenHomeGuide: Great Green Resource for DIYers

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Here’s a great resource for any home-improvement projects you may be taking on. The GreenHomeGuide is a community-based resource for advice, inspiration, and information. Their sole intention, besides helping you, is to help the green wave catch on. And let us tell you, while you may want to use eco-paint in the spare bedroom, it’s not always quite as easy as walking into Ace and grabbing it off the shelf. One recent project had us tromping around town to several different paint and specialty stores only to find out that a) information about these paints was not readily available—in fact, our requests were typically met with embarrassingly blank stares from the so-called experts--and b) it had to be special ordered. But GHG can help...

...alleviate the stress of specifying and, if you live in Northern Cali, finding great materials. The Guide works by connecting green building experts with each other and homeowners. Help comes in the shape of…a giant ant!, just kidding….a massive icicle! No. Not that either. Help comes in the form of project guides for every room in the house; expert advice and perspective; product advice, ratings, and locators (in Calif.); and directories of local experts (architects, builders, consultants, et. al).Though non-Northern Californians will still have to do their homework on shoppng for materials in their own neighborhoods, this is an extremely handy guide for anyone curious enough to stop by. ::GreenHomeGuide [by MO]