GreenBuild: Making Beauty from Waste at Engineered Timber Resources

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Here is an equation we like:

Waste by-product + modern technology + socially responsible labor = Engineered Timber Resources Products

A great example of what they do is with Mulberry. This tree has been cultivated for thousands of years for silk production, and needs pruning to flourish. the branches are then stripped of their bark for medicinal purposes. And the twigs, as much as 15 tons per hectare? garbage, usually burned for for heat. Enter ETR.

ETR is specializing in the development and production of reconstituted "wood" products (flooring, paneling, furniture, etc.) that are made from rapidly renewable and abundant Mulberry trees, post-industrial wood by-product material, and re-engineered bamboo fibers. Each raw material is beneficial for its’ own reasons, and each produces its’ own unique aesthetic, suitable for a variety of consumer products.

ETR is incorporating low-VOC (E1-compliant) adhesives and finishes, as well as incorporating sustainably-harvested FSC core material where applicable. All product development is geared minimally towards suitability and use within the United States Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, the leader in furthering "sustainable" development and product use throughout North America.

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Different types and colors of composite woods on display

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they actually take the cuttings from cork production and create tiles out of them, suitable for wet locations.

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GreenBuild: Making Beauty from Waste at Engineered Timber Resources
Here is an equation we like:

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