Green Yarn Comes In Lots Of Colors

There is nothing sadder than seeing hundreds of well meaning treehuggers around the world going through all the trouble to knit, sew, or crochet a present for themselves or someone else, only to find that the yarn they used in it makes some of the worst pollution, or relies on nonrenewable petroleum to keep prices low. If you want to keep up with your local afghan knitting club, and still give Old Ma' Nature a hand, there are some choices available to you...First off, take a gander at Blue Sky Alpacas yarn selection. Besides exotic blends like Alpaca-silk, they also carry a line of organic cotton which is naturally colored. Of course, the color selection stays in the tan-grey-sage-white area, but if you're looking to make something light colored, this is a good bet.

Form a little more punch, check out Mango Moon's 100% silk yarn made from recycled Saris. Where organic cotton can be bland, these may be a little too vibrant for some projects, but for others, they could be just the ticket. And because they're 100% silk, they're 100% soft and smooth.:: Blue Sky Alpaca :: Mango Moon

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