Green Roofs: We Could Only Build It This Big.


We love green roofs but can't afford a full size one right now; that's why this "mansion planter" designed by Japan's Nobuhiro Sato is so cool. it is only 5 inches high, and solidly made of mortar, glass and brass. According to shopping site Mollaspace, Sato founded Pull+Push products in 2002 "to pull and push new ideas in and out. Every item is personally handmade. Every product is Nobuhiro Sato’s style to convert things we take for granted into inspiring new ideas." ::Pull+Push (japanese) via ::Mollaspace via ::Roadside scholar


"A personal rooftop a miniature scale. This highly detailed flower pot with stairs, windows and even handrails on the balcony will definitely add warmth to your surroundings."


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