Green Insulations: More Choices


I wanted to do a post on some new green building insulations, but the TreeHugger Manual says one must search the archives before you write a post to avoid boring our readers with duplicates. Doing so I was surprised to see how many different choices there were! After visiting Construct Canada, we have a few new additions to the list.

Icynene is a system of water-blown policynene that creates an foam blanket of millions of tiny air bubbles. It does not shrink and adheres to the surrounding structure, so there is no settiling and no air gaps. It has no VOC's no formaldehyde, Recognized for LEED credits and is becoming very popular as a clean, green, long lasting insulation. When holding a piece, it seems the most benign and friendly insulation ever, it is like filling your walls with sponge cake. ::Icynene


Procell is a mix of 100% recycled newspapers, adhesives and fire retardants that completely fills voids and dries quickly, and appears similar to Dom's Warmcell from the UK. We used to have concerns about cellulose systems settling and providing an comfy home for mice, but Pro-Cell is "specially treated to repel vermin and insects, and to prevent the growth of harmful mould, mildew and wood-rotting fungi" "::Thermocell


Heatlok-Soya takes the prize for hitting the most eco-buttons in its story. It is a polyurethane foam system made out of recycled plastic (a barrel of Heatlok-soya contains 1000 plastic bottles) and soya oil. it is zero ozone depletion and is even coloured green. The manufacturer, Demilec, "is the first Canadian manufacturer of Spray Polyurethane Foam to meet the requirements of the Montreal Protocol. Aside from having risen to the challenge before the deadline, DEMILEC has developed the expertise to embrace the ecological turn (the sustainable development approach) by introducing recycled plastics, renewable natural oils, and water, all while maintaining the high quality and performance of its foam systems." Their brochure, however, is on very glossy and heavy paper. ::Heatlok Soya