Green Globes building certification system releases Anti-LEED Screed

Screen capture Green Globes has a pretty plaque too.

The Green Globes certification system has been on a roll as of late, with the plastics and lumber industries peddling it as an alternative to the LEED system which apparently will put American lumberjacks out of work and ban plastic. At BuildingGreen, Paula Melton tries to have a look at their new standard, but can't, because she says "despite repeated requests, I have not been allowed to view the rating system myself or to interview anyone involved in its creation."

screedWhite paper/Screen capture

All she or I can do instead is have a look at the recently released white paper, Green Globes for New Construction, Paula notes that "In all, the ten-page document mentions LEED by name 23 times. Is this a white paper or an anti-LEED screed? "

In the end, Paula is not impressed with the failure to communicate.

Representatives of GBI have not responded to multiple requests for comment by BuildingGreen. This refusal to talk to the media detracts from the organization’s claims of greater transparency and is likely to backfire: one of the reasons Green Globes has failed to take off more broadly, despite what appear to be genuinely good ideas (who doesn’t want less bureaucracy in the process?), is widespread skepticism about GBI’s industry origins.

Tightly controlling the rating system’s distribution with this new launch sends the wrong message and misses a huge opportunity to demonstrate that GBI has outgrown its timber- and chemical-industry roots.

But a quick look at the Board of Directors and list of members and supporters will show it is still stacked to the rafters with big lumber and the plastic people. It's still run out of the offices of Ward Hubbell, a former PR flack for Louisiana Pacific who describes his job as delivering "successful outcomes for clients who are seeking to influence public policy." It hasn't outgrown anything, and is still the greenwash it always was.

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Green Globes building certification system releases Anti-LEED Screed
Instead of concentrating on becoming a reputable certification system, it trash-talks the competition.

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