A green Aggresivhaus proposed for Hamburg

via Archdaily/ Hilldegarden

The Passivhaus is Germany's most important recent contribution to sustainable design, but here is another that I will label Aggressivhaus: the repurposing of very aggressive buildings like bunkers into alternative uses.

flakturnFlakturn 1945/Public Domain

This bunker in Hamburg has already been converted from an anti-aircraft installation into a building that houses a night club, a music school and offices.

rendering of hill imageArchdaily/ Hilldegarden /via

Now it is being extended upward almost 50 percent higher to include mixed uses ranging from a kindergarten to community centre to hotel. A giant ramp will circle up the exterior. According to Archdaily:

model Archdaily/ Hilldegarden model/via

Hilldegarden’s proposal for a roof garden takes shape in a staggered, artificial hill offering 360-degree views of Hamburg. The walk up the “hill” will be open to the public until 10pm, offering a literally elevated experience of relaxing and drinking enjoyed in St. Pauli’s colourful neighbourhood (BYOB of course). Sustainability forms part of the project's driving force, with plans for a bio-kiln producing hot water and energy from rotting wood. Water will be collected and reused, and a public garden will form part of the green landscape dedicated to urban food production, with residents applying for planting plots.

section of HillgartenArchdaily/ Hilldegarden section/via

The project is apparently controversial. And the designers sound like architects everywhere in their response, with a line I will memorize and use daily highlighted:

Hilldegarden, like many regenerative projects is subject to criticism. Is the ‘urban spectacle’ really needed to bring people together? Is every abandoned building subject to its mixed-use gentrification fate? Do we need more trees on top of buildings? The grassroots team behind Hilldegarden's initiative seem to have taken its eccentric nature in their stride, writing, “an organic city looks divergent. We should pass the ideas of functionalists cleaning our minds whitecubeing our multicolored bodies.” More and more projects find success their extraordinary mash-ups of sustainability with programs, such as Bjarke Ingels ski-slope/power plant and MVRDV’s recently-opened Skygarden.

Plan hilldegartenArchdaily/ Hilldegarden Plan/via

Lots more images in Archdaily. This is not the first Aggressivhaus we have shown on TreeHugger; see them all in related links below.

A green Aggresivhaus proposed for Hamburg
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