A great graphic explanation of the Living Building Challenge

lviing building challenge
© Skanska living building challenge

The Living Building Challenge is the toughest green standard out there, but it is seriously gaining traction as people get to understand it. I have tried to explain how it works (see a short version in Is the Bullitt Center the World's Greenest Building?) but it is tough to wrap your head around. Skanska, the big international engineering firm that usually builds city-sized projects, took the Living building Challenge on the small but significant Bertschi School in Seattle. Our coverage barely got beyond the toilets in Finally, Buildings Are Going Net- Zero Water With Composting Toilets

Skanska prepared what they call an infographic to help explain the Living Building Challenge. It's not really; it is more like a Powerpoint presentation glued together, light on non-verifiable numbers, heavy on written content. It is the most concise summary of the LBC that I have seen yet.

It doesn't point to a pitch for online degrees or credit card consolidation either. So for the first time in two years since infographics jumped the shark, we present one in the design section of TreeHugger. If this is not wide enough to read, see a larger version on the Skanska USA website.

skanska © Skanska living building challenge

A great graphic explanation of the Living Building Challenge
The Living Building Challenge is tough to do, and tough to understand. This helps a lot.

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