Grandis: Responsible Wood from Argentina

To find certified wood in Argentina is not an easy task. Just imagine that when you look for national companies with the FSC certificate, you only get ten results, while there are at least 30 pages of results for US companies. That’s the reason why we were so pleased to find Grandis, a 30 year old company that sells eucalyptus grandis certified wood from cultivated forests. They have FSC and national certifications for their industrial plant placed in Corrientes province, where they produce floorings, decks, phenolic composites and solid wood. They have preserved the same reserve areas that were established when the plantations started, respecting the native woodlands, wetlands, swamps, and also some scrublands and pastures; which represent –they claim- an important percentage of the real estate owned by the company. They also have a social responsibility program to guaranty a safe and healthy work environment. If you ever disembark in Buenos Aires for a project, take into account their products can be purchased almost everywhere in the country. They also have an export program, but probably not worthy the trip, since it’s always better to buy local. ::Grandis