Gorgeous architect-designed boxes in a landscape are .... a natural gas compressor station?

gas plant
© C.F. Møller

They have a different approach to infrastructure in much of Europe than in North America; they invest in making it look good. They hire talented architects to design buildings for what are normally banal sheds. Danish architects C.F. Møller are so proud of these buildings in Egtved, Denmark that they issue press releases celebrating the design of.... a natural gas compressor station?

That's what C.F. Møller has designed:

Four compressor units and service buildings, as an architectural feature in the open landscape. The form of the buildings was also specially chosen in order to achieve optimum safety conditions at the plant. The new technical plant, supplying the central intersection of the gas pipelines connection north-south from Germany and east-west to Sweden, has a landscape-like expression emerging from the landscape as a grassy embankment.

"We began by asking ourselves a question: Can we push the boundaries for how we see a technical plant? Can we create a gas plant in dialogue with the landscape and yet focus on the energy supply infrastructure, on which we all depend?" says Julian Weyer, architect and partner.

It's a stop on a "gas motorway" to bring natural gas from continental Europe, since supplies from the North Sea are running out. For some reason they claim that "this extension of the fossil gas system may well be a decisive step on the road to a green energy system, which is projected by 2050 to use only renewable energy"; I would have thought it was the exact opposite, but never mind.

More images at CF Moller

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Gorgeous architect-designed boxes in a landscape are .... a natural gas compressor station?
They really do have a different attitude to design in Europe- every building is important.

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