GE's Renewable Energy Division Is A Wow Reno Of A 100 Year Old Factory

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Renewable energy is a big deal at GE, and how appropriate that they should house their headquarters in a renewable building. EYP architects took the old factory in Schenectady and converted it into offices, and loaded it with green energy saving features. It is an entry for the WAN AWARDS 2011.

A new building envelope redefines the architectural character of the existing building, setting an energy-efficient and sustainably inspired technical aesthetic against the background of neighbouring utilitarian facilities.

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75% of the occupied floor areas have natural light, which is controlled with internal and external sun shading. The architects describe its green features:

Extensive daylighting, sunshading devices, and high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems combine to realize a 25 percent decrease in energy use in comparison to benchmarked facilities. A complete raised flooring system enhances the client's flexibility to accommodate future technologies. Building 53's 24/7 operations, advanced communications, computer, and security systems are powered by wind turbine and solar panels..


More at WAN and EYP

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GE's Renewable Energy Division Is A Wow Reno Of A 100 Year Old Factory
EYP Architects transform existing building "aesthetically, functionally and mechanically"

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