Gensler Reimagines the FBI Building In Washington

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Everybody hates the Hoover Building. The Washington Post writes:

The public doesn’t typically consider the Brutalist buildings historical — they consider them ugly. The Hoover Building in particular was named the ugliest building on Earth earlier this year by a travel Web site. And now that Penn Quarter has evolved into a posh residential community, neighbors of the building want it gone.

It is such a waste; this building was built like a tank, it's literally bombproof. There is a lot of concrete in there that after 40 years has just finished curing. It is also from a troubled era for architecture:

“The FBI building is exactly at the age where a lot of buildings tend to be lost because they are underappreciated,” said Tom Mayes, deputy general counsel at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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The giant architectural firm Gensler has come up with some ideas to save the building, turning into big box retail and putting a soccer pitch on the roof.

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Another view

gensler overall plan© Gensler

Even Gensler architect Duncan Lyons isn't convinced, telling the Post:

My guess is that if the FBI were to move out of the building, the government or whomever would determine that the land value was the most valuable portion of the property, rather than the building itself.

Perhaps. But we shouldn't be in such a hurry to knock down every brutalist building. In another 40 years they may be loved, and there is lots that can be done with them in the meantime. More in the Washington Post.

Gensler Reimagines the FBI Building In Washington
Brutalist buildings have sort of a bad reputation, but this architectural firm has some interesting ideas to save this particular example.