Geämi Packaging — Something from Nothing


Tipster Heather M. asked us if we had heard of Geämi? Personally, No. So it was great that she went on to extoll it's virtues. "It's an alternative solution created for packing boxes and wrapping delicate items. The product is a roll of paper that has tiny slits in it that expand when it is rolled out. It's saves space (unlike horrible packing peanuts), made from recycled paper, and is easy to recycle or re-use when you receive a package wrapped in it. It also allows you to pack more in a box than bubble wrap, so it saves money. We use it to ship all of our chocolate because it's earth friendly, and it also creates an insulated environment." As far as we can make out the slits Heather mentioned contort into honeycomb forms when stretched. 20 inch paper loses 20% of its width as this new 3 dimensional packaging takes shape. The company suggests it will now perform the "same functions as foam peanuts, bubble-type wrap and molded polystyrene - wrapping, cushioning, void filling, blocking and bracing - but without the environmental liability." Furthermore because it arrives basically flat packed, it is 40 times more space, and thus shipping, efficient than bubble wrap. Sounds fascinating. Geämi is a made-up Latin/Greek word meaning 'earth friend'. ::Geämi