Garage by Graypants is gorgeous and green

graypants evening view
© Graypants

Every year at ICFF, Seth and his partners at Graypants show something new, moving from lamps made of cardboard found in dumpsters to aluminum and then to chairs. Now they have completed a garage renovation, although it doesn't look much like a garage anymore. It won a Seattle AIA award in 2013:

Garage by Graypants was unanimously well-received by the jurors as a project that is “in between architecture and art” and pushes how we define indoor and outdoor spaces. The transformation of a post World War II garage was very simple yet complex in the layers it revealed and the way it was reinvented with transparency. The jury was struck by the design team’s ability to gain so much by deploying a set of deceptively simple gestures. Space and light, new and old, and domestic and outdoor appeared to be the architect’s principal devices.

Graypants talks about reusing all of the old materials and gathering more, but it sure doesn't look like the old garage! They write on their site:

Mystery, memory, poetry and light. Reinvigorating a tired, post World War II structure (aka: shitty garage) which was worn and forgotten. The existing was rich with stories, its walls layered with past impressions of formwork and family dinners. Separating, and then joyously recombining materials to impart them with new life. Scratched boards become a textured backdrop defining new functions, while the remaining structure is dismantled into flooring, concealing beds and lounges beneath. Reclaimed pine, a discarded basin, and a century-old stove introduce the memories of others: a remix of the familiar and the novel, the past and the future.

The garage aims to make design mysterious. Making mundane tasks of our lives into opportunities that create beauty through joyful interaction. Providing a canvas that allows imagination to make new old and old new. The new becoming a theatre to watch the old gradually fade away. This space wasn’t about ordinary… it was about touching on boundaries of what is ordinary.

Looking at this view into Puget Sound, I can't wait for summer. More images at Graypants, also on Designboom

Garage from Graypants on Vimeo.

Garage by Graypants is gorgeous and green
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