Frank Gehry Returns To His Roots With His House for Make It Right

Make it right© Chad Chenier Photography / courtesy Make it Right

I loved Frank Gehry when I first learned of him back in 1978 with his wonderful Santa Monica House, All built out of cheap straight materials like corrugated steel and chainlink fence. (photo at bottom) He knew how to do so much with so little.

Gehry rear© Chad Chenier Photography / courtesy Make it Right

Then came Bilbao, and computers, and curvy titanium, and I haven't really liked much of his work since. Until now, with his house for the Make it Right Foundation. Gehry is back to using simple materials like fiber cement panels and rot-resistant timber stilts and framing. Not a piece of curved titanium is sight.

roofdeck© Chad Chenier Photography / courtesy Make it Right

It's got porches, shading, cross-ventilation and on the roof, he uses the solar photovoltaic array to provide a lovely shaded rooftop deck. It is still a bit eccentric, like Frank, but it is going to work. Nicely done. Lots more images, including the unremarkable but workable interior, at Designboom.

Frank Gehry's Santa Monica House.

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