Forget the Passive House, the JF Kit House keeps you active and fit.

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elii JF-Kit HOUSE from ImagenSubliminal on Vimeo.

Passive Houses are so over. Really, you get tired just looking at the JF Kit House (JK is Jane Fonda) by Spanish architect Elii (Every Live Invents Itself). Installed on a roof in Brussels, this is what should have been called the Active House but that's taken. So let's call it HyperActive, where everything is powered by the occupants. Or it could have been called the Wonderbread House, designed to build strong bodies in 12 different ways.

elliElli/Video screen capture
The Elli quintuplets have all kinds of options in this house, generating power in so many different ways.

[It] renders a possible future where citizens produce part of their domestic energyrequirements with with their own muscles, with their dayly physical activities. Thinking of any stage of energy development entails “reinventing” a new culture, and the body is a central battlefield in the articulation of sustainable controversies where this new culture ‘embodies’.

Elli on roofElli/Video screen capture

Really, who needs insulation when you are generating this much body heat. Not only do you do power everything by hand, but you pay for the thing with "energy mortgages", probably by selling off excess power.

greenhouseElli/Video screen capture

It even has a greenhouse where the lat pulldown action pumps and sprays water. What a workout at the JF Kit House, found on Design Taxi, more photos at G-Blog

Forget the Passive House, the JF Kit House keeps you active and fit.
Get a workout while you work and live, in a house that would exhaust Jane Fonda herself.

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