Flying saucer lands in space ship in latest Apple headquarters drone video

overall apple HQ
Video screen capture Duncan Sinfield

One really feels a bit like a voyeur, watching these amazing videos of the construction of the new Apple campus in Cupertino. I do not know how Duncan Sinfield gets away with it, getting so up close and personal in such a private fiefdom, but am glad that he does; I have a love hate relationship with this building, because of its suburban isolation, and called it anti-urban, anti-social, anti-environmental. On the other hand, I am a big fan of the architect, Norman Foster, and expect that it will be an architectural and technical marvel.

In the two months since the last one we showed, they have reached roof level and are installing mechanical equipment.

roof beside theaterDuncan Sinfield/Video screen capture

But the most extraordinary feature, that looks so Apple and so Norman Foster, is this shiny disk that is the roof of the lobby for the underground theater, sitting to the side next to Mount Apple (the temporary pile of soil) and waiting to be lifted up.

theater roofDuncan Sinfield/Video screen capture

Here is a closeup of the shiny disk.

apple park© Apple

Here is the rendering of what it will look like completed, floating above the theater.

parking structureDuncan Sinfield/Video screen capture

The parking garages close to the highway are almost finished; one even has its solar array installed on the roof. You can also see the massive 12 lane road beside it, all of which puts paid to Tim Cook's claim that "it is the greenest building on the planet"

parking entry© apple

Because location matters, how people get there matters, and parking ratios matter.

closeup of buildingDuncan Sinfield/Video screen capture

It's really just another gas guzzling suburban office park right out of the 1960s, but I have no doubt it will be astonishingly beautiful and a technical tour-de-force.

See Duncan Sinfield's glorious still photos on his site here.

Flying saucer lands in space ship in latest Apple headquarters drone video
Duncan Sinfield's latest video shows remarkable progress

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