Floor Panel Integrated Radiant Heating System By GCS Radiant In Amherst NY


GCS Radiant in Amherst New York State, USA, makes radiant floor heat panels that are designed to sharply reduce the cost of heating a home. The patented panels use recycled products, require less construction material to install than typical systems, and go in faster. Cost of installation reported to be under US$6/ft2.

"Radiant heat systems work by running warm water through tubes beneath the floor. Typically the tubes run under a concrete slab which stores heat and then radiates it through the flooring laid on top of it. Makers of the systems market them as a more efficient way to heat a home." The modular panels by GCS consist of a top layer made of concrete, which speeds up the installation process. The bottom of the panels contain grooves for the tubes, protecting them from damage." Decorative flooring goes atop the system. TreeHugger strongly recommends reading the entire article in Buffalo News. Via: The Buffalo News, Business Today Image credits:: Buffalo News and GCS, respectively.