Floating Catamaran To Surround You With Nature (And Maybe a Beaver)

Dutch designer Marijn Beije is so lucky; most graduation projects go into a drawer. His has turned into reality; it is being manufactured and sold to the public.

It is a "floating catamaran suite, meant to lure a broader target group into nature, and to help them understand the beauty and importance of nature and the projection thereof."

The unit has two places to sleep, a gorgeous spa of a bathroom, two decks and a crowsnest perch to watch birds from.

Marijn is quoted in Popup City:

The floating ecolodge enhances the experience you can have while spending the night surrounded by nature and wildlife: here you can watch the beavers swim past as you fall asleep.

Marijn writes that " the first two lodges are currently being built, and are expected to be floating around Christmas." get your own at Marijn Beije Design.

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