Finalists in Radical Innovation Awards are, um.... interesting

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As mentioned in our earlier post on an honorable mention in the Radical Innovation Award, the finalists are often not as interesting as the runners-up. This year they have changed the format of the awards, and are picking the winner at a big conference in Las Vegas in May. Here are the two finalists:

Hotel 2020 by Code Design Studio

hotel 2020© Code Design Studio

Furnished with 3D-printed interiors, this hotel offers guests an augmented reality where the user can interact with the space through computations. The 3D-printed parts, reinforced with latest composite materials, not only enhances the “buildability” of structures, but also takes into account different emotional states of guests to increase the impact of the design.

It appears to be some form of holodeck, combining virtual reality with 3D printing. Nice drawings by Natasha Bajc.

Green Air Hotel by Studio Twist, China

Green Air Hotel© Studio Twist

With the current crisis of air pollution crisis in China and hotels trapped in outdated generic buildings in urgent need of an upgrade, this hotel has interior and exterior green lungs where greenhouse gardens act as air filters to remove harmful toxins in the air and replenish it with oxygen.

I honestly do not know what they were thinking here, It's a Holiday Inn with a few plants that really would do next to nothing. It really doesn't seem anywhere near the standard of innovation, design or presentation quality that is usually seen.

Hive Inn by OVA Studio

For comparison, here is one that didn't make the finals, but that is still getting a lot of design blog love. It's from Hong Kong's Ova Studio.

Welcome to the Hive-Inn, a hotel structure that allows container rooms to travel in and out. Pushing the idea, we found that creating a link between famous brands, container fit out and Hive Inn operators could create a winning scenario in which greater experience for the customer could be met with more exposure for the brands, at a less cost for the operator.

I am not sure about those room interiors, but Ferrari fans do love this kind of kitsch.

There are some really interesting schemes in the past winners of this award; see them all here. I hope that they will be like Evolo and show all the entries.

Finalists in Radical Innovation Awards are, um.... interesting
They've picked two finalists to go to Las Vegas but I wonder about the ones they missed.

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