Fiber Futures

We've been waxing lyrical about hemp, banana and recycled paper etc, etc ... for sometime now. We plan to bring you plenty more stories about developments in the every exciting non-wood, 'alternative' and petroleum-free 'carbohydrate economy'. But if you are chafing at the bit, for more info on this sort of thing, get your cursor over to Fibre Futures. "A dedicated advocacy and consulting group that focuses on catalyzing the use of agricultural residues and fibers from non-wood plants for building materials, pulp & paper, textiles and other industries." Although their site needs a little updating, they have heaps of links to bounce off elsewhere for more knowledge. So if Abaca, Arundo, Bamboo, Banana, Coconut, Corn, Cotton, Flax, Hemp, Kenaf, Rice, Sugarcane and Wheat are your thing, just wander over to ::Fiber Futures [by WM]