Faster Circuit Board Built With Chicken Feathers


In a recent exhibit in London, a circuit board made from soybeans and chicken feathers drew a great deal of attention. The board was developed by Mingjiang Zhan and Richard Wool in collaboration with Intel. A micrograph of feathers (seen here) shows hollow keratin fibers, a light, tough material. These fibers are combined with a soy-based epoxy to make printed circuit boards (right) that are not only recyclable but also faster than conventional boards."With the demise of the oil business in about 25 years and the ever increasing utilization of electronic materials, it makes excellent green engineering sense to pursue new materials that are derived from renewable resources," Wool said. "The biobased materials are derived from renewable plant and animal feedstock, which use carbon dioxide from the air and help minimize global warming, as compared to petroleum feedstock."

For more details see this report from Environmental Health.

Via: University of Delaware Daily