Erlebnest Is A Minimalist TreeHouse, More Wire Than Wood

erlebnest looking upErlebnest/Promo image

Given our predilection for hugging trees, it should be no surprise that I love the Erlebnest, a new design for a minimalist tree fort. Unlike most, which are built by architects and carpenters, this design is put together by Cambium, a German company that builds climbing parks and high rope courses, so it seems much lighter and airier.

Erlebnest from aboveErlebnest/Promo image
You reach the Erlebnest by a ladder that has a "fall protection system", what looks like a system of nets, so a safety harness and helmet are not required.

Party timeErlebnest/Promo image

Party time at the Erlebnest, which can hold up to four people. According to Gizmag,

"The end users do not necessarily have to be adrenaline addicts," a Cambium rep explains. "After all, spending a night in the ErlebNest is not primarily about the thrill of being high up but about the very special experience of sleeping in completely natural surroundings."

Comfy for twoErlebnest/Promo image

Looks comfy, although once again the bathroom is always an issue after you have too much coffee. Cambium is planning a six unit installation at Lake Constance. More at Erlebnest and Gizmag.

Erlebnest Is A Minimalist TreeHouse, More Wire Than Wood
Built by rope course riggers, there's not much to it at all, but enough to party.

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