Enviro6ix Recycled Carpet, from Honeywell's Zeftron

We got lost in a maze of registered brand names, but came out the other end believing that enviro6ix is a carpet containing a minimum 25% recycled content. And if we learnt anything on the way through, it would appear that the '6ix Again' recycling process can 'upcycle' any old pre-loved Nylon 6 carpet to become enviro6ix. And while we have a lot of good news stories about what that other flooring giant Interface has been up to, this particular program started way back in 1994. And it has excited their marketing dept: "The freshly renewed nylon has the same properties and attributes as the virgin nylon the cycle started with. And there's no end. High quality nylon 6 carpet fiber can be 'reborn' again and again as pure, high quality carpet fiber. Certified Nylon 6ix® carpet never has to be landfilled again." ::Zeftron Enviro6ix