EcoTraction: Stick with Green, Feel the Difference


EcoTraction is a winter traction agent designed to work better and greener than more traditional sand and salt. If icy patches or snowy stairs abound, EcoTraction claims to do it all, providing better traction than sand, absorbing melting ice and snow and providing numerous positive environmental benefits. That's a mouthful, so we'll try to break it down so it makes sense. EcoTraction is made up of rigid grains not unlike coarse sand or pebbles. Each rigid grain is filled with micro-porous channels that absorb liquids and chemical ions from the environment. This unique 'charged honeycomb' structure allows EcoTraction to not only embed itself into ice and snow, but also to passively improve the surrounding environment; it is proven to absorb ions from the air, soil and water like ammonium, nitrogen, mercury, arsenic, nickel, lead, silver, cesium, and uranium. It will never damage concrete, brick, wood or metal, nor will it harm vegetation in lawns and gardens. EcoTraction does not contain carcinogenic crystalline silica (unlike sand) and is low-dusting, so it can even be used indoors in things like cat litter or aquariums.EcoTraction's main ingredient is Tractonite™, a unique green mineral that comes from only one source in North America. EcoTraction claims that their Tractonite comes from a small mining company that does not use any chemicals or toxins to process the Tractonite, and is a leader in environmentally responsibility. The grains are green in color, making it easy to spot and keep track of once spread. In the spring, after all the snow and ice has melted, EcoTraction recommends that their product be recycled from the driveway into the lawn or garden to improve soil aeration and plant growth. It can also be swept into the garbage where it will naturally reduce odors and at the landfill as well. If it happens to stay on the ground, EcoTraction will absorb odors and purify the air from impurities like exhaust and smog.

It looks like it's only been available since January 2006, though we found a few testimonials that already swear by it. The EcoTraction is based in Ottawa, and is available in several Canadian hardware chains; for a complete list of outlets and distributors, see the partners page. ::EcoTraction via tipster Patrick and ::Miss Vicky's OffHand Remarks