EcoTimber: Friendly Floors For All

EcoTimber offers sustainable wood floors of all kinds, with sources from certified well-managed forests to reclaimed and recycled wood to the TreeHugger favorite, bamboo. They specialize in wood products from forests that are certified well-managed according to the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and offer a versatile range of services, from single-family residential to general contracting to developers and corporate clients. EcoTimber's customers include some big names like Nike, Disney, Pottery Barn, Patagonia, and Whole Foods Market, and even sustainability guru Bill McDonough, who had this to say: "Everyone in my office has been most pleased with EcoTimber's collaborative professionalism, care, and prompt attention to our needs. We recommend them highly as an important source and resource." You can get more info, including on where to buy EcoTimber, at their website. ::EcoTimber