Ecoralia — Constructive Recycling


is a Spanish company based in Madrid which is giving recycling a very good name. We have all become experts now at separating our waste and optimistically putting the right materials in the right recycling bins. Unfortunately while our intentions are good the reality is that not nearly enough glass, plastic or paper is actually being recycled into new products. So it is always great to find companies who are specifically working to make use of our dedication to recycling. Ecoralia set out in 2003 to reduce industrial waste, reduce deforestation and improve the sustainability of the construction business.Rather than focusing on these objectives one at a time they are tackling them all at once. Through the development of new construction materials, using recycled industrial waste, they are killing three ‘eco-evils’ with one ‘plastic stone’. Ecoralia have created whole new life cycles for waste materials which normally would have only ended up in landfill. All their composite materials can be recycled again at the end of the their second lives, encouraging the possibility of several more reincarnations. Their latest material development is called Maderplas which is a composite of recycled plastics and sawdust. It has the versatility of plastic in form, colour and finish with the tactility of wood. Maderplas also has the advantages of resisting humid conditions, being antiflammable, bearing large weight loads and can be made in any colour you choose. All Ecoralia’s materials are very easy to maintain and clean since they aren’t porous, which means they have great anti-graffiti properties. Ecoralia also design a range of products, using their own materials, which includes urban furniture, paving, road barriers and signage. ::EcoRalia
[Leonora & Petz]