Colorful Ecology Pavilion Brightens up a Neglected U.K. Park

This colourful pavilion will bring a smile to your face, no matter what the weather outside. Created for an ecology park in the UK, it is a delightful confection that is the happy result of a collaboration between Studio Weave architects and Nous Vous graphic designers.

Called Ecology of Colour, the two-storey park shelter was designed “to act as a jolly custodian" and encourage community involvement in a neglected corner of a public park.

The structure will house a programme of activities and workshops based around vegetable dyeing and wildlife. The small building provides flexible accommodation for these activities with a series of shutters that open on the first floor and provide shelter from the weather as well as shelter from the sun.

The building will be multi-functional, serving as an outdoor classroom, workshop space and wildlife-spotting hide.

The lovely geometric designs are hand-painted onto the cedar structure. They make it playful and inviting and reflect the activities that will be going on inside. There will be wildlife workshops and dyeing workshops. These will make use of natural dyes from the meadow of wildflowers that is coming soon.

The planting scheme will include traditional plants native to the South of England such as Golden Rod that produces yellow, Alder known for its vibrant red and Bugloss whose roots produce a bright blue.

Colorful Ecology Pavilion Brightens up a Neglected U.K. Park
Located in Kent, the structure functions as an outdoor classroom with activities such as how to use vegetable dyes and spot wildlife.

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