EcoLiving's Naturally Coloured Cotton

Sally Fox led the revolution that is naturally coloured cotton, with fibres long enough to play ball in modern machinery. While we have in the past highlighted towels made with her fibres, it looks like there might be a new player on the field. EcoLiving source their undyed cotton from China and have had their products approved, to bear the European based Oeko-Tex label, which signifies ecologically benign textiles. The Good Environmental Choice label has also be bestowed upon the range, which includes bed linen, bathroom towels and clothing. Like the FoxFibre line, Ecoliving products come in a subtle green and brown, which rather than fade with age actually get darker. Amazing but true. Because the fibre is dye-free it is softer to touch too. Although not an organic cotton, the company does offer an Australian grown organic wool as bedding quilts. ::EcoLiving