Ecocarat "Breathing Walls" from INAX Corporation

Writing about a Japanese company which sells primarily in Japan is always a challenge. One such company we recently found out about, INAX, is so intriguing that we wish we could see the products first hand. INAX Corp. reportedly started up with sintering clay tiles and has "persistently tried to take advantage of natural materials to achieve comfortable living environments,..." "In 1998, the ceramics maker launched the "Ecocarat" clay-based building material for "breathing walls" that can keep indoor humidity in a comfortable range between 40 to 70 percent with ventilation through micro holes". Their "Eco soil ceramics" is a building material that has characteristics of both the breathing "Ecocarat" and their new material "Soil ceramics", a tile as close to soil as it can get. "It is manufactured by solidifying, not firing, so that the feel of soil and straw is therein its original form. The processing autoclave consumes less energy and releases less CO2, and soil waste from stone is used as 60% of raw material...".INAX describes itself as a "recirculation based company". Recirculating end of life products makes no sense across the ocean but would be perfect for "homesourced" architectural elements. If only US companies could catch the hint. If only we could walk that path.