Eco-Terr and Eco-Cem by Coverings Etc.

Covering Etc. is offering some new, relatively eco-effective surfacing materials that count towards LEED points. Eco-Terr slabs and tiles are made of recycled blends of granite, marble, river rock, and glass chips. The material is sourced from quarries near the manufacturing plant.

Eco-Terr is available in colors like Flamed Coral, Rocky Beach, and Dune.

The W Hotel in Seattle uses Eco-Terr tiles, as seen below.

Eco-Terr tiles in W Hotel

The other offering, Eco-Cem is made from 20 percent wood pulp and 80 percent cement and can be used for flooring, countertops, or wall surfacing. Seems like this one might only be slightly eco-effective!

:: Coverings Etc.

[by Justin Thomas]