Eco-Cement Removes CO2 from the Air!

Cement gets a bad rep for the colossal amount of energy it takes to manufacture it. Eco-Cement earns its first point for using lower temperatures in production. With these lower energy requirements, it's easier to use wind, solar, or other renewable energy sources. OK, good, but is that all? Nope. According to developer John Harrison, Eco-Cement turns "virtually any solid waste" into concrete—a great way to reduce landfill junk. The concrete (which can be pressed into blocks or poured) can be recycled, too. And it gets even better: Eco-Cement actually absorbs carbon dioxide from the air for up to a year, made possible by the addition of magnesium oxide into the material. How cool is that? Because the cement must stay semi-porous to facilitate CO2 absorption, it's not the highest-strength concrete available, but low-strength concrete is enough for two-thirds of projects. There are even tricks in place for obtaining the magnesium from energy-production waste. Reduced energy to produce, reduced waste in landfills, and reduced CO2 in the air: sounds like a full score to us. Thanks to Jess Macfarlane for the tip! Via ABC Online ::TecEco [by KK]