Eco and Socially Aware Materials from Córdoba

eco_bricks.jpg Another development of the Experimental Center of Economic Dwelling (from Córdoba, Argentina), which involves bricks obtained from paper, and from a material composed by soda bottles' polyethylene, wrappings of candy, and peanut shell.
The aim of this institute is to generate materials that can, above all, be produced by small businesses and cooperatives, with low cost machineries and tools, little capital, and easy diffusion. Plus, this institution has been working for decades in strategies of "attended auto-construction" of dwellings to generate work in marginal zones and to contribute to the education of the builders with the transfer of new know-how.The election of some of the wastes have to do with the fact that Arcor factory produces 1,5 tons of faulty paper and plastic wrappings for its products, and that this province is the main producer of peanut in the country.
Some of the benefits of these materials, besides the obvious contribution to utilization of waste, is that paper, pet and peanut bricks are lighter than the ones made with routine materials, and the concrete lays very well on them, as the bricks have a kind of rough texture. Plus, they work as a very effective insulation, as they have a lot of air.
For the first experiences with these developments, and to verify its virtues, the institute hired a group of young people from a nearby precarious neighborhood. The ones who participated have now a perfectly finished house made by their own hands.
See also the other featured product from this institute, the water recycling toilet. [by Paula Alvarado, Buenos Aires]

Paper based construction experiences in Córdoba, Argentina.


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