Earthweave's Bio-Floor

Earthweave is a company that Tipster Alicia S. thought we should mention. Kara had previously provided a link to them in her eco-tip on non-toxic flooring, but we’ll take the opportunity of Alicia’s prompt to provide a tad more detail. Like the recently noted Furnature bedding, Earthweave’s Bio-Floor line is suitable for those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity. Naturally pigmented wool, free from dyes, pesticides and stain protection is the uppermost layer. The wool is tufted onto a primary backing of cotton and hemp, the latter offering mould and mildew resistance, combined with strength. These layers are bound with a biodegradable natural latex-style adhesive, derived from rubber trees. The secondary backing is that durable plant fibre - dear old jute. All of which creates a flooring free of toxins, that is free to be composted, at the end of its useful life. Four different flavours on offer — we’ve pictured the 38 oz Pyrenees style. ::Earthweave