Dyson vacuum cleaners really suck

When Dyson vacuum cleaners first appeared they looked way peculiar and cost a pretty packet. "Too expensive!" the pundits exclaimed (Didn't they say that about the Prius and iPod too?). Be that as it may, Dyson is the only other brand that has a recognisable name in the vacuuming game. And indeed, that Really Big name even tried to copy it, but lost the patent infringement suit. Why is it so good? Because it uses centrifigal force to lift dust out of carpet. A force up to 200,000 times that of gravity, to be precise. In a lowly household vacuum. Was a tricky thing to develop - took designer James Dyson, 15 years and 5,127 prototypes to figure it out. All very interesting, but the real reason we like them is because there are no more disposable filter bags and you use less electrical energy 'cos the job gets done well, first time.::Dyson [by WM]