Drysystem by Tau Allows for Ceramic Tile Reuse


A new technique for construction caught our eye at Barcelona’s material library Mater (more about that below): Drysystem. Drysystem is a new tile laying system, developed by the Spanish ceramic company TAU, that doesn’t require getting your hands dirty. This new way of putting tiles doesn’t require any kind of adhesive; the pieces simply slot into each other. 45x90 cm tiles can be slotted seamlessly into a polymer base. Numerous advantages spring to mind: the floor is always accessible, even during the installation which is clean and quick, single tiles can easily be replaced without ripping the whole floor out, and last but not least, the tiles are fully reusable or recyclable at the end. The system definitely recommends itself for short-term interior spaces such as temporary exhibition spaces. For more information, installation instructions and technical datasheets, visit TAU’s Smart Surface System site (Drysystem under ‘Technical Products’).

Mater in Progress, where we discovered Drysystem, is the new materials library in Barcelona, a project by FAD (Fostering Arts & Design). The current show hosts a number of new materials and industrial processes by Spanish companies and designers. The Farola Viva (living street lamp), the Wabi shoe, Lasentiu recycled plastic products and Zicla recycled materials are all part of the collection. You can visit the exhibition until April 28th at the FAD in Barcelona.

Via: Mater ::Tau

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