Dinner Parties, Guest Bedrooms, and Multiple Offices in a 420 Square Foot Apartment

LifeEdited apartment photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Lloyd already rethought many of his preconceptions when he toured TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment. Yes, many people in New York with entire families already live in less than 420 square feet. But do they do it with as much utility, or style, as Graham's project?

From a moving wall that creates an entire second bedroom, through a fold out table that allows dinner for ten, to an acoustically separated toilet room that doubles as a private phone booth, the concepts here are not about living with as little as possible—but rather using smart design and prioritization to live large with a relatively small footprint, and at a relatively affordable budget. (Graham estimates the space offers 1100 square feet of usable space, in its different configurations.)

Graham Hill LifeEdited dinner party photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Heck, Graham's even toying with the idea of reinventing the spork so you can reduce the amount of silverware needed. This is an important prototype of life in a small space, and who better to showcase it than Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies—the people who brought us video of a teenager's mortgage free tiny house; an incredible New York apartment with height-adjustable kitchen work surfaces; not to mention Graham Hill's space saving side-project, the Thin Bike.

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