Desk for small spaces creates a room within a room

 Vilfred Desk
© Vilfred Desk by Kristina Kjær

It can be hard to find a place to work at home, particularly if you are trying to live with less in smaller spaces. Sometimes you might want a bit of separation. Mocoloco shows us the work of Danish designer Kristina Jaer, who has creaeted the Vilfred Desk, for exactly that kind of use.

The designer writes:

The idea behind “Vilfred” is to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. To create an alternative workplace that form a room within a room, where there is room for both reflection and creativity. “Vilfred’s” idiom is inspired by the classic writing desk. The clean lines and the integrated shielding, in the form of a "house" on top of the table top, gives the desk a contemporary expression.

I do like the way it has little slots for storage. Not for those of us with big external monitors, but a lovely little thing for people who can live with less. Available from Bolia. , only 6999 Kroner, which translates to US $1,289.

Desk for small spaces creates a room within a room
Danish designer Kristina Jaer puts a house on top of a desk for greater privacy.

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