On Designboom: A truly mind-blowing illuminated glacier city in Harbin, China

illuminated city
© Harbin ice and snow Festival via Designboom

Our friends at Designboom got hot-off-the-press images of the 2014 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in Northern China, "an immersive wonderland filled with mammoth snow sculptures, wintertime games, and a towering, luminous city made from chiseled ice." The LED lighting certainly gives it a certain something that was missing in Montreal in 1884.

Visitors to the dreamlike, winter theme park can roam the 500,000 sq. meter space, packed with an impressive display of sculpted snow animals, people and mythical creatures. a 240-meter-long ice slide, skating rinks, and mazes feature within the frosted cityscape, inviting guests to the extravagant festival atmosphere.

Lots more images on Designboom

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