On Designboom: Edouard François designs "The Gardens of Anfa"

© Edouard Francois via Designboom

Edouard François is a regular on TreeHugger; he the master of the green façade, working with living plants planted in more traditional media, creating green buildings without all the high tech found in living walls. Designboom shows his latest, in their trademark lower case:

‘the gardens of anfa’, a mixed-use development to be completed in casablanca, marocco. the project comprises three residential towers in addition to a low-rise office building that is surrounded by additional accommodation. a central public park connects the scheme, offering a range of amenities for its inhabitants.

the large area of parkland contains four individual towers that are clad with either white jasmine or multicolored bougainvillea flowers. lower buildings are set back from the street contrasting the large scale of the four high-rises. at ground level, the layered landscaping sees washingtonia trees planted in the foreground as a dense forest, while behind, flowers and other types of bright plantation add color and vibrancy to the site.
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François is one of my favorite architects; a few years ago I visited him in his office in Paris. This photo shows a model what might be an earlier version of the building, then designed for a resort in Senegal.

On Designboom: Edouard François designs "The Gardens of Anfa"
The French architect wraps his buildings in green; a look at his latest project.

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