On Designboom: Chameleon Cabins made entirely of paper

White version
© Rasmus Norlander via Designboom

It is not often that people are turned into nouns. There's Charles Boycott and Henry Shrapnel and there's Birgit Friggebo, forever memorialized for changing the Swedish zoning bylaws in 1979 to exempt buildings under 150 square feet. This led to an explosion of creative design of small cabins and cottages, now known as Friggebods.

Designboom, which never uses upper case, shows a new Friggebod designed by Mattias Lind of White Architekter. It's called the "Chameleon Cabin":

... a house constructed entirely from paper. as the name suggests, the structure changes its appearance depending on the viewer’s perspective, comprising dual black and white façades. looking to explore the limits of the renewable and versatile material, the modular design has the potential to be extended to several hundred meters if required.

weighing only 100 kilograms, the house consists of 95 modules and is constructed from sheets of miniwell, a durable and sturdy 2mm corrugated paper. the roof and the four elevations are suspended with hangers, a similar construction method to lego, giving the design a high degree of flexibility.

Lots more images at Designboom

On Designboom: Chameleon Cabins made entirely of paper
This cute little Swedish friggebod changes color depending on what angle you look at it from.

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