Cradle To Cradle Going Mainstream


Jenny Lynn Zappala writes for MSNBC: "Imagine consumer products made from healthy and safe materials that, at the end of their life, are taken apart and either turned into raw materials for new products or returned to the earth as compost. These products are manufactured using renewable energy and marketed with socially responsible strategies.

In this world, you can flush the dirty diapers down the toilet, spray household cleaners without fear of poisoning your houseplants (or family) and wax your surfboard without feeling guilty about the fish.

In essence: Shopping can be good again.

"Ideally, cradle to cradle will become the mantra for product design. No company will enter a product development process without using these criteria," said William McDonough, eco-evangelist, designer and co-author of the manifesto "Cradle To Cradle."

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