Costco Eliminating Bubble Packs, Ups Recycling Potential With MeadWestvaco's "Natralock"

Costco is replacing some of its plastic packaging clamshells with Natralock , a new paperboard-based product made by MeadWestvaco. Natralock combines paperboard with a much smaller plastic bubble segment. According to the promotional literature, a standard scissors will safely open a the paper segment of the package, helping to eliminate "Wrap Rage." MeadWestvaco coats the paperboard, applying a heat-seal material, as well as an optional, more tear-resistant material for high dollar value applications. Graphics are then printed on the paperboard surface. The enclosed, smaller area of plastic bubble is made of APET (amorphous polyester). The result is that the printed "billboard" surface does not need to be independently encapsulated in the bubble, which means less total petrochemical use.

Not recognized in the sales literature we saw is the concept of Tree Hugger Rage: the over the top sense of dismay and anger created when a resource conscious customer is forced to spend hard earned money on wasteful packaging. Gratefully, Natralock helps relieve this, and Wrap Rage.