Cork Fabric from the Cork Store


We’ve prattled on about cork numerous times in the past. But this post is a little different. It’s about a place where you can buy the raw material to make a whole cornucopia of cork based products. One of our favourites is cork fabric. Offcuts of cork used for other purposes are bonded to various backing materials - cotton being the most benign – to make a flexible cork substrate. This can put into service for clothing, bags, wallets, purses and even upholstered furniture. (Personally I’ve been using a cork wallet for the past, geez, it must be coming onto 10 years, and the cork is only now wearing though noticeably.) Cork is the bark of a tree that only grows comfortably in locales like Spain and Portugal. It is harvested about every 9 years. Some cork tree are over 200 years old. The Cork Store in Ontario, Canada, is the endeavour of the Jelinek Group, who first traded in cork way back in 1855. See their vast array of cork ware at ::Cork Store