Coop Du Jour: Chicken Coop Ledoux by Planda Architects

We recently showed two lavish and over-the-top chicken coops that were based on classical or traditional designs that would shock nobody, except for their price tags. We have shown the work of modern architects doing their interpretations of the coop. But there are other styles of architecture that have yet to stir the chicken coop design world. Planda Architects in France have designed this tribute to Claude Ledoux's stripped down proto-modernist work from 1800.

House for a guardMaison de Gardes Agricoles/ Ledoux/Public Domain
The utopian work of Claude Ledoux has influenced architects for two hundred years; MIT Press writes:

The work of the French architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux has fascinated art historians, social critics, and architects alike since the French Revolution. Criticized in his own time for extravagance and megalomania, Ledoux has since been hailed as a visionary and utopian, and as a radical neoclassicist. In the 1930s Ledoux's designs were seen as anticipating modernist abstraction in architecture, and more recently they have been mined as a source of postmodern imagery.

Planda's homage to Ledoux was designed for the Poultry Project's competition. The architects write about their entry, the Ovoid:

The simplest idea would be to design a basic shelter and then to decorate it. The idea of the Ovoid is at the opposite, it is to design a chicken coop using a shape related to the chicken: the Egg.The project is inspired by one of the most famous causality dilemma questioning the Origin: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The Ovoid is playing with this dilemma to give a formal answer proposing a chicken coop designed as an egg, in which chicken will produce their eggs.

The project “Maison de Gardes Agricoles” from the architect Claude Nicolas LEDOUX was the main reference for this coop for the spheric shape and the stairs around.The volume is an Ovoid made of prefabricated wood rings stacked together to enclose the space. This volume is surrounded by four similar stairs allowing acces to the coop at four side.

Coop Du Jour: Chicken Coop Ledoux by Planda Architects
Perhaps the most elegant and reverential chicken coop design we have seen yet

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