Cool Carpet from Interface


TH fav Interface (we've featured their modular Flor tiles, Entropy carpet tiles and to celebrate ten years of being green, just to name a few), makers of fabulous, sustainable modular carpets and more, has joined the masses in offering climate-neutral products. Cool Carpet earns its moniker through the purchase of emission reduction credits to cover the emissions resulting from manufacturing, production of raw materials such as nylon, transportation of raw materials and finished product, vacuuming and maintenance, and recovery at the end of life. Their credits come from a variety of sources, and are all third-party certified by Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener Certification Program, and meet the Climate Neutral Network's criteria for credits. Cool Carpet is standard on Interface's i2 modular products and available on all of their modular products. More info to be had in their nifty flash movie and at their sustainability website. ::Cool Carpet via ::Gristmill