Contraforma's Imperial Carpet Tiles: Look Great, But Green Enough?


TreeHugger really likes modular designs. Their movable, changeable pieces allow for both multiple, easily re-imagined configurations, and quick, easy replacement in case of an accident like a permanent stain. This proves most beneficial in things like carpet and cushions, where high traffic and errant red wine spills can damage or blemish your belongings. We really like the looks of the "Imperial" carpet tiles from contraforma, whose groovy shapes allow for lots of fun and different design possibilities, but their synthetic materials and no sign of lifecycle design or product take-back plan gets the TreeHugger thumbs down. FLOR has pretty much had the run of TreeHugger's coverage of modular carpet tiles (and their sustainable offerings definitely deserve the good green press they've received), and they will continue to until contraforma and others get hip to the green game. You can do it! ::contraforma via ::Freshome