Congress Goes Through With Ban On Green Building at Department of Defense

I reported in July about how Congress was going to ban the Department of Defense from getting LEED certification; now it has happened, as part of the spending bill passed on December 15. Buried in there is the line:

"No funds authorized to be appropriated by this act or otherwise made available for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2012 may be obligated or expended for achieving any LEED gold or platinum certification."

Because of course, green building is such a waste of the taxpayers' money. It is almost a law against green building; The Department has to report back to Congress and explain all of its practices. According to Eco-structure,

[The act will] force the Defense Department to review its energy efficiency building practices, especially LEED, as well as other sustainability standards. Its report to Congress also must include a strategy for its continued use of design and building standards as well as data on the long-term payback for meeting several other building standards.

Thanks to legislation passed by President Bush, the Defense Department has done a pretty good job of promoting green building. Being such a big client, its actions can drive the entire industry, from the architects to the suppliers. But healthy, energy efficient, long lasting buildings don't matter to this congress. If it's green, it's gone.

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Congress Goes Through With Ban On Green Building at Department of Defense
Can this government do any more damage to the green movement?

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