Condos in Ho Chi Minh City connected by roof gardens

Diamond Lotus building
© Vo Trong Nghia via Designboom

When we first showed the work of Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia, it was his glorious tube house that had a wall of white planters. Now he has built a condominium housing project for Ho Chi Minh City that looks like that early project writ large.

Rooftop detail© Vo Trong Nghia via Designboom

It's composed of three twenty-two storey towers with roof gardens connected by suspension bridges, turning it into a giant linear garden.

Designboom notes that "with many current developments in Ho Chi Minh City expediting the loss of greenery, the roof garden feature and green screen façade is regarded not only as a dedication to the comfort of inhabitants, but also a contribution to the wider urban landscape.

Interior view© Vo Trong Nghia via Designboom

The bamboo in the planters will shade the apartments from the sun, and evidently also provide "structural flexibility against storms." Lots more images on Designboom.

And here is the original house I loved so much I wrote about it twice.

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