The Condo Game looks at how today's towers are built, and how they may fall apart

condo game
Screen capture Condo Game

We do go on about the problems with glass buildings. So much so that the makers of the new documentary The Condo Game spent some time with me, discussing the problems of glass condos with radiator fin balconies. It premiers tonight, November 21 at 9:00 on CBC Canada only. (Hopefully it will show in the USA at some point.) It will also be available online in Canada after the premiere. Here's the trailer:

Also on the show is urban designer Ken Greenberg, (seen on TreeHugger here) and engineer Ted Kesik, almost a TreeHugger regular. (See related links to left for the many posts where Ted complains about glass buildings).

For those who cannot see the show, Professor Kesik consulted to a downloadable users' guide for condo purchasers that explains some issues that are universal (glazing, orientation) and other information that is specific to Canada.

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